Environmental Protection

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is home to unique and irreplaceable cave formations, the Chihuahuan Desert that hosts unique plant and animal species, geological wonders such as the Capitan Reef, and thousands of migratory Mexican free-tailed bats. At Carlsbad Caverns, all are invited to enjoy and explore with minimal physical barriers between us and these fragile treasures. Our goal is to preserve this ancient beauty through careful stewardship.

Our goal is to preserve this ancient beauty through careful stewardship.

Carlsbad Caverns Trading Company is dedicated to meeting and exceeding existing environmental standards for the purpose of protecting and preserving Carlsbad Caverns National Park and all other rare resources that we utilize in our operations. Hundreds of thousands of visitors tour the caverns and surrounding desert each year; such great numbers cannot but tax the local ecosystems and affect the caverns. However, with vigilance, the natural and national import of this park will be preserved for countless generations to come.

We ask that you do your part in preserving the ecosystem of the Park by leaving natural formations untouched; taking only water on the cavern trails; recycling paper, plastic and aluminum in marked bins; and depositing your trash in receptacles. Take care to preserve all that has been left here before you for all of those who come after you.